Privacy policy

This policy may change at any time without notice. You can view its complete history here.

We collect information on our users that can be categorized in a few basic ways:

  1. Information mandated to be public by law

    For instance, when we ask for your name, address, employer, etc., when you make a campaign finance contribution through MYL PAC, we are required by Federal law to disclose that information publicly, and we will. Moreover, lying to us about these questions is itself a violation of Federal law, and we will fully cooperate with any legitimate government investigation thereof.

    We will always clearly signal when information you enter is public.

  2. Information that is public by your implicit consent or that you license to us

    For instance, if you post comments under your username, the text of those comments is public, as is its association with your username.

    Please note that as a condition of using this site, all content that you submit to us is licensed to us under the Creative Commons attribution-only 3.0 US license, meaning that we are allowed to use it in any way at our discretion, so long as we give you credit.

  3. Information that is not personally identifiable

    For instance, this includes aggregated statistics across multiple MYL users, such as "what is the distribution of a contributor's job title vs their contribution amount".

    We will share this data publicly and/or with individual researchers, to the extent that we believe it would be beneficial to do so, and we are sure that any such disclosures will not harm the privacy of any individual user.

  4. Information that is personally identifiable and not covered by mandated reporting law

    For instance, this includes your email address, individual responses to any polling questions, forward proxy relationships (outside of a campaign finance context), IP address(es), account recovery and identity verification information, the association between your username and your legal name, etc.

    Unless you authorize us to disclose this information, we will not do so unless required by due process of law, and we will try to ensure that you are able to contest any court process (e.g. subpoena or warrant) that in our opinion is at all questionable.

    We may disclose some of this information where it is necessary for the operation of the site; for instance, we use Google Analytics, which collects IP address, page viewing history, etc.

    We will use this information internally for a variety of purposes, such as personalizing the website to you, abuse and fraud detection / prevention, account recovery verification, identity authentication, research, etc.

  5. Information that we cannot access by design

    For instance, we do not store your password in plain text; instead, we store it using industry standard cryptographic methods (i.e. salted hashes).

    Even if we wanted to, there is no way for us to access this information, and we will oppose any effort to force us to install any "backdoors" in our code to bypass these security measures.

    Our code is publicly available for review. What you see there is what is actually running on this server.

Privacy-hardened version of MYL

In parallel to our regular website (, we maintain a Tor hidden service (http://7fx2vpbv4wj47cht.onion). This can be accessed via the Tor anonymizing proxy system; we strongly recommend that you use the Tor Browser Bundle to do so.

The Tor website functions differently in a few ways:

  1. Javascript, Google Analytics, and all other privacy-disclosing tracking is disabled (though our own cookies are not, as they are necessary for secure logins and sessions)
  2. all functionality that would implicate a legally mandated disclosure requirement is disabled (e.g. you cannot send us campaign contributions via the Tor website*)
  3. more aggressive measures are taken against abuse such as denial of service, sockpuppeting, etc (e.g. new Tor based accounts may have any comments automatically moderated until they have proven themselves trustworthy)
  4. Tor based user accounts will be labeled as such

If you have serious privacy concerns, we strongly encourage you to use the Tor website instead, and to take careful precautions not to disclose anything that would link your Tor account to any identifying information (e.g. IP address, legal name, username used elsewhere, etc).

* We are currently thinking through how we can permit anonymous users to participate in MYL. In the future, this may include accepting Bitcoin contributions in some limited ways, allowing anonymous users to act as proxies, etc. However, as we are subject to extensive legal regulation, we will not do so without first obtaining approval from the FEC, IRS, and/or FinCEN (as appropriate).

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact the core team.