Political organizations accepting Bitcoin

Our Bitcoin request

This is a list of all political organizations (parties, PACs, candidate committees, 501(c)4s, etc) that we know of who accept Bitcoin contributions.

Please email us if you know of any we don’t yet list, or if you know of any specific transactions that appear to have been made anonymously, through Bitcoin laundering, in excess of federal or state contribution limits, etc.

Of course, we do not accuse anyone of violating the law (that is for the FEC to investigate and determine), and please don’t cause any such transactions.

Donor info meanings
Green 16 Requires donor info and uses one-time linked address.
Orange 16 Tries to collect donor info, but has a critical failure that allows totally anonymous contributions.
Red 16 Website doesn’t collect donor info; accepts totally anonymous contributions.
Broken 16 Bitcoin contribution page broken.
K: There is a publicly known address or equivalent.
A: Website requests donor info, but gives out a contribution address without it.
I: Website does not ask for donor info.
Type Name Campaign finance reports Publicly known addresses Donor info Notes
National party Libertarian Party C00255695 Orange 16A
Presidential candidate Darryl W Perry P60004868 1, 2, 3 (source 1, 2) Red 16I Single letter to FEC says he will not make any disclosures and claims FEC has no jurisdiction over his receipt of “Bitcoin, Litecoin, and precious metals”.
Federal candidate Steven Stockman C00553909 1 (source) Orange 16K Run by Dan Backer.
Defeated in primary, but still accepting senate campaign contributions.
Website collects info properly, but publicly known address means anonymous contributions are possible.
Federal candidate Jim Fulner C00549808 1 (source) Red 16I
Federal candidate Blaine Richardson C00518514 Red 16I
Hybrid SuperPAC BitPAC C00550400 Orange 16A Run by Dan Backer.
SuperPAC 1911 United C00508200 1 Red 16K
PAC Coin PAC C00553073 Broken 16
Michigan party affiliate Livingston County Libertarians C00403907 1 (source) Red 16I
California candidate Bryan Parker 1357609 Green 16
California candidate Michael B Glenn ? Green 16
Maine candidate Eric L Brakey 6551 Green 16
New Hampshire candidate Mark D Warden 3214 Green 16
New Hampshire candidate Andrew Hemingway 3492 1 (source) Red 16K
Texas candidate Greg Abbott 00051153, 00019652 1 (source) Red 16K
SuperPAC Bitcoin SuperPAC C00551689 ? Defunct. Website now down.
SuperPAC Bitcoin Voters PAC C00554063 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (source) Red 16K Defunct
Michigan candidate Bill Barnett ? Green 16 Defeated by John Sorey. Website now down.
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