How to help

As you've probably noticed, the website is very bare-bones. We're just getting started! If you have ideas for how to edit the site, or would like to help code the real thing for which this is just a placeholder, please join us.

  • Spread the word. Add us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook (though our Facebook is currently inactive). Tell your friends, forums, school, work — anyone you think would be interested in helping to shape their own government, wherever they live, worldwide.

  • Learn more. Read our introduction to online liquid democracy, the principles of our organization, our bootstrapping strategy for eventually replacing entire legislatures.

  • Join the Make Your Laws team. We're mostly volunteers, a group of people who want to make a platform to revolutionize the way that people participate in making their own laws.

    You can contribute as much or as little as you want. You don't need to ask permission or go through a job interview — just join up, contribute something, and interact with us to make sure that it fits with what we need.

    We need people with a wide variety of skills, including but not limited to: programming; website and user experience design; network operations; art design; research and analytics; legal research and representation; grant writing and monitoring; community and abuse management; liaisons with local governments, political organizations, and academics; cryptographic design and review; security auditing; customer support; political advocacy; public relations, and more.

    We want to work with existing projects if possible, not compete with them. If you know a project that would merge well with our needs, we'd like to talk.

    Lawyer, law student, paralegal, or just interested in legal issues? See here.

    If you think you can help, or know someone who can, please contact the team or just introduce yourself on our G+ page.

  • Cash donations are not currently being accepted, pending the creation of our new payment system.

    Although all MYL entities are tax-exempt nonprofit corporations, contributions to MYL PAC and MYL C4 are not tax deductible; contributions to MYL C3 are.

    However, if you'd like you could contribute things on MYL C3's Amazon wish list. Because MYL C3 is a 501(c)3, such contributions are considered tax-deducible charitable donations in the US. (If you do get MYL C3 something, please contact us if you want an official thank-you / confirmation of contribution letter for tax documentation purposes.)