Should the FEC amend its regulations in the wake of Citizens United?

REG 2015-04 Petition for Rulemaking | docs

During the Federal Election Commission's June 18th meeting regarding REG 2015­-02, a petition for rulemaking brought by Chair Ravel and Commissioner Weintraub, several Commissioners raised procedural concerns with REG 2015­-02.

In order to moot these procedural concerns, MYL PAC & MYL C4 re-filed Ravel & Weintraub's petition in their own name during the June 18th meeting. Public Citizen did the same later that day.

On May 14th, we filed a petition to prohibit contribution laundering, which expresses a different and more narrow position.

Though we are filing this petition on our own behalf, we are not commenting on or editing its content (except to remove references to Chair Ravel and Commissioner Weintraub). We intend to file comments, along with the rest of the public, after a notice of availability is published.

The petition deadlocked 3-3.

Official filings in REG 2015-04 (MYL PAC & C4, Public Citizen re Citizens United)

2016-03-10 Statement by Commissioner Ravel.

2015-12-17 Deadlocked 3-3.

2015-10-27 Voluminous public comments filed:

2015-07-30 FEC Record page

2015-07-29 Notice of availability

2015-06-18 Public Citizen's petition for rulemaking

2015-06-18 Our petition for Rulemaking