Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a PAC? Super PAC? Non profit?

    All of the above, actually. We're a group of three separate but collaborating non-profit corporations:

    1. Make Your Laws PAC, Inc. (MYL PAC), a 527 hybrid non-connected Super PAC (FEC ID #C00529743, EIN 46-0580579, bylaws, finances), handles candidate-related issues, like contributions to federal and state candidates or parties.
    2. Make Your Laws Advocacy, Inc. (MYL C4), a 501(c)4 (EIN 46-0587765, bylaws, finances), handles non-candidate-related advocacy issues, like contributions to voter initiative committees.
    3. Make Your Laws Inc. (MYL C3), a 501(c)3 (EIN 61-1686259, bylaws, finances), handles non-partisan, non-contribution-related issues, like voter education, forum creation, etc.

    Of the three, only MYL PAC is currently active, and pays for all shared operating costs (e.g. this website). The other two are on hold until we ask the FEC for advice about how to handle some issues relating to PAC/C4/C3 triads.

    Although all MYL entities are tax-exempt nonprofit corporations, contributions to MYL PAC and MYL C4 are not tax deductible; contributions to MYL C3 are.

  2. How do you get/spend your money?

    Right now our costs are just this server, corporate filing fees, and the like, and are paid by the MYL founders. You can read all our FEC reports, or our financial spreadsheets above.

    We haven't yet launched our full website (where you'll be able to contribute easily to any political organization), but if you create an account, we'll let you know when that happens.

  3. Who runs MYL?

    • Sai — Founder; President, Treasurer, & Director
    • Liz Fong-Jones — Vice-Treasurer & Director
    • Nick Staddon — Secretary & Director